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hermes outlet hermes outlet Aleppo, Syria/Beirut, 12 dec - the Syrian army and its Allies in the last moment before declaring victory in aleppo, Syria's military, according to people familiar with the opposition defence on Monday after the collapse, leaving small insurgents, severe bombing ground in his pocket.

Reuters control areas of bombing rebels area cities continue uninterrupted on Monday, and a civilian were trapped situation described as similar to "the end of the world".

"Eastern aleppo will soon have to stop fighting. They (opposition) don't have much time. They are either surrender or death," lieutenant general al Saleh, government Alepposecurity committee director, told reporters that sheikh saeed back area of the city.

Rebels withdraw all areas on the east side of the aare Monday afternoon after losing sheikh saeed pocket overnight fighting in the south, the Syrian human rights watch said.

Soldiers began to celebrate the launch of the air control area, carving tracer bullets to aleppo in hermes birkin outlet the night sky, car drivers honking their horns in what they think is imminent victory, state television broadcast.

Rebel enclaves rapidly decreasing in half only for a few hermes birkin outlet hours, Rami, director of the observatory, described the aleppo battle was over.

Said: "today the situation is extremely difficult," zakaria's Malahifji Fastaqim rebels in aleppo.

An hermes birkin bags official Jabha Shamiya rebel faction, also appears in aleppo, said the insurgents may lead to a new station in the west bank of the river.

"Is expected to have a new frontier," the official said, in Turkey.

Suddenly rebel retreat represents the "big terrorist demoralized," Syrian military source said.

Syrian President Bashar al-assad hermes birkin bags (Bashar al - assad), supported by Russia, is now close to recover ofAleppo total control, this is Syria's most populous city before the war, he will be by far the biggest prize after nearly six years of conflict.

"We are announced at the last moment the Syrian Arab army victory in the battle for aleppo in the hermes bags sale east. We can declare this at any time," a military source told Reuters.

Russia's defense hermes bags replica ministry said that since the start of the battle of aleppo, more than 2200 opposition to surrender, and hermes kelly bags 100000 civilians leave area of the city, is controlled by militants.

"People from a shelling operation to another escape death, just to save their souls... the end of the world in aleppo, yes, it is the end of the world in aleppo," a former government hermes replica employee said ABU Amer Iqab Sukkari district center of the rebels.

, one of the national television lens Saliheen just down to the military area, shows that the piles of rubble and has half the collapsed building, the body still lying on the ground, a few confused civilians with children or luggage.